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4X8 copper sheet

4X8 copper sheet


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4×8 copper sheet delivered on a daily basis. Whether you need a single sheet or a 1 tonne pack!

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4×8 copper sheet c106 is a Phosphorus deoxidised arsenic free copper sheet and is ideal for brazing or welding. It is suited to general & chemical engineering applications and has its uses in the following industries.

• Gas
• Refrigeration
• Building
• Chemical and engineering applications

8x4 copper sheet

4ft x 8ft copper sheet from P&P Non Ferrous comes in the following thicknesses

4ft x 8ft x 1.2mm           and in imperial thickness
4ft x 8ft x 1.5mm              4ft x 8ft x 18 swg  
4ft x 8ft x 1.6mm              4ft x 8ft x 3/16″
4ft x 8ft x 2.0mm           Metric Sizes
4ft x 8ft x 3.0mm           2.5mtrs x 1.25mtrs x 1.2mm
4ft x 8ft x 3.2mm           2.5mtrs x 1.25mtrs x 1.5mm
4ft x 8ft x 4.0mm           2.5mtrs x 1.25mtrs x 2mm 
4ft x 8ft x 5.0mm           2.5mtrs x 1.25mtrs x 3mm 
                                          2.5mtrs x 1.25mtrs x 4mm 


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Thickness (mm) Thickness tolerance Width tolerance
0,81 – 1,20 +/- 0,030 0/+1
1,21 – 1,80 +/- 0,035 0/+1
1,81 – 2,00 +/- 0,040 0/+2
2,01 – 5,00 +/- 0,050 0/+5


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