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Aluminum Bronze stock sizes


  CU AL 10 Ni 5 FE4 CU AL 10 FE 5 NI5 C  
HexagonsFlat BarsFlat BarsHollow BarsHollow BarsHollow Bars
10mm30mmx 20mm100mm x 20mm27mmod x 17mmid87mmod x 48mmid142mmod x 87mmid
12mm30mmx 25mm100mmx 25mm33mmod x 18mmid87mmod x 53mmid142mmod x 92mmid
13mm40mm x 10mm100mm x 30mm42mmod x 18mmid87mmod x 58mmid142mmod x 97mmid
14mm40mm x 15mm100mm x 35mm42mmod x 23mmid87mmod x 63mmid142mmod x 107mmid
17mm40mm x 20mm100mm x 40mm42mmod x 28mmid87mmod x 68mmid142mmod x 117mmid
19mm40mm x 25mm100mm x 50mm47mmod x 23mmid92mmod x 38mmid152mmod x 67mmid
22mm40mm x 30mm100mm x 60mm47mmod x 28mmid92mmod x 48mmid152mmod x 77mmid
24mm45mm x 30mm100mmx 70mm52mmod x 18mmid92mmod x 58mmid152mmod x 87mmid
27mm50mm x 6mm100mmx 80mm52mmod x 23mmid92mmod x 63mmid152mmod x 97mmid
30mm50mm x 10mm120mm x 20mm52mmod x 28mmid92mmod x 68mmid152mmod x 107mmid
32mm50mm x 15mm120mm x 25mm52mmod x 33mmid92mmod x 78mmid152mmod x 117mmid
36mm50mm x 20mm120mm x 40mm52mmod x 38mmid97mmod x 33mmid162mmod x 77mmid
41mm50mm x 25mm120mm x 50mm57mmod x 28mmid97mmod x 38mmid162mmod x 87mmid
46mm50mm x 30mm120mm x 60mm57mmod x 33mmid97mmod x 48mmid162mmod x 97mmid
50mm50mm x 35mm20mm x 80mm57mmod x 38mmid97mmod x 58mmid162mmod x 107mmid
55mm50mm x 40mm125mm x 30mm57mmod x 43mmid97mmod x 68mmid162mmod x 117mmid
60mm60mm x 10mm130mm x 40mm62mmod x 18mmid97mmod x 78mmid162mmod x 127mmid
65mm60mm x 15mm140mm x 25mm62mmod x 23mmid102mmod x 28mmid162mmod x 137mmid
70mm60mm x 20mm140mm x 30mm62mmod x 28mmid102mmod x 38mmid172mmod x 77mmid
Square60mm x 25mm140mm x 50mm62mmod x 38mmid102mmod x 48mmid172mmod x 87mmid
10mm60mm x 30mm145mm x 35mm62mmod x 43mmid102mmod x 58mmid172mmod x 97mmid
20mm60mm x 35mm150mm x 50mm62mmod x 48mmid102mmod x 68mmid172mmod x 107mmid
25mm60mm x 40mm160mm x 20mm67mmod x 28mmid102mmod x 78mmid172mmod x 127mmid
30mm64mm x 54mm160mm x 25mm67mmod x 33mmid102mmod x 88mmid172mmod x 152mmid
35mm70mm x 10mm160mm x 60mm67mmod x 38mmid107mmod x 88mmid177mmod x 117mmid
40mm70mm x 15mm160mm x 100mm67mm0d x 43mmid112mmod x 38mmid177mmod x 137mmid
45mm70mm x 20mm165mm x 35mm67mmod x 48mmid112mmod x 48mmid182mmod x 77mmid
50mm70mm x 25mm180mm x 40mm72mmod x 23mmid112mmod x 58mmid182mmod x 87mmid
55mm70mm x 30mm180mm x 65mm72mmod x 28mmid112mmod x 68mmid182mmod x 97mmid
60mm70mm x 35mm180mm x 80mm72mmod x 38mmid112mmod x 78mmid182mmod x 107mmid
70mm70mm x 40mm200mm x 20mm72mmod x 43mmid112mmod x 88mmid182mmod x 117mmid
80mm70mm x 50mm200mm x 30mm72mmod x 48mmid112mmod x 98mmid182mmod x 127mmid
90mm80mm x 10mm200mm x 50mm72mmod x 53mmid122mmod x 38mmid182mmod x 137mmid
100mm80mm x 15mm200mm x 80mm72mmod x 58mmid122mmod x 48mmid187mmod x 143mmid
105mm80mm x 20mm250mm x 100mm77mmod x 33mmid122mmod x 58mmid187mmod x 157mmid
110mm80mm x 25mm265mm x 25mm77mmod x 43mmid122mmod x 68mmid192mmod x 117mmid
120mm80mm x 30mm300mm x 100mm77mmod x 48mmid122mmod x 73mmid192mmod x 137mmid
130mm80mm x 35mm312mm x 17mm77mmod x 53mmid122mmod x 78mmid192mmod x 147mmid
140mm80mm x 40mm312mm x 22mm77mm0d x 58mmid122mmod x 88mmid192mmod x 167mmid
145mm80mm x 50mm312mm x 27mm77mmod x 63mmid122mmod x 98mmid202mmod x 127mmid
150mm80mm x 60mm312mm x 32mm82mmod x 28mmid132mmod x 48mmid202mmod x 137mmid
160mm85mm x 25mm312mm x 42mm82mmod x 38mmid132mmod x 58mmid202mmod x 147mmid
180mm90mm x 20mm312mm x 52mm82mmod x 43mmid132mmod x 68mmid202mmod x 157mmid
200mm90mm x 25mm312mm x 62mm82mmod x 48mmid132mmod x 78mmid202mmod x 177mmid
Flat bars90mm x 30mm312mm x 72mm82mmod x 58mmid132mmod x 88mmid213mmod x 127mmid
20mmx 10mm90mm x 40mm312mm x 82mm82mmod x 63mmid132mmod x 98mmid223mmod x 117mmid
20mm x 15mm90mm x 50mm312mm x 102mm82mmod x 68mmid132mmod x 108mmid223mmod x 167mmid
25mm x 15mm90mm x 60mm400mm x 95mm87mmod x 33mmid142mmod x 47mmid233mmod x 107mmid
30mm x 10mm100mm x 10mm400m x 120mm87mmod x 38mmid142mmod x 57mmid233mmod x 147mmid
30mm x 15mm100mm x 15mm87mmod x 48mmid142mmod x 67mmid233mmod x 177mmid
100mm x 20mm142mmod x 77mmid