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C106 stock Copper Tube & Sheet sizes


Copper tube in coilCopper tube /lengthsCopper tube /lengths contCopper Sheets
1/8"od x 22 swg x 10 mtr1/16" od x 26swgI9mm od x 16 mm wall4 ft x 2 ft x 0.45mm
1/8"od x 22swgx 30mtr3/32" od x 29swg5/8" od x 14 swg4ft x 2ft x 0.55mm
5/32"od x 22swg x 30 ma3/32" od x 26swg5/8'od x 10 sing2mtrs x 1mtr x 0.7mm
4mm od x 0.6m m x 10ntr1/8"od x 26swg16 mm odx 1.2 mmwall2mtrs x 1mtr x 0.9mm
4mm od x 0.6mm x 30rntr/rod x 22 swg11/16" od x 20swg2mtrs x 1mtr x 1.2mm
3/16" od x 22swg x 10 mt.5/32"od x 26swg17 mm od x 2mm wall2.5mtrs x 1.25mtrs x 1.2mm
3/16" od x 22swg x 30 mt .5/32"od x 22 swg17 an od x 3mm wall8ft x 4ft x 1.2mm
3/16" od x 20swg x 10mtr4mm od x 0.6mm wall18 mm od x2 mm wall2mtrs x 1mtr x1.5mm
3/16"od x 20swgx 30 mtr3/16" od x 26swg3/4" od x 20 swg2.5mtrs x 1.25mtrs x 1.5mm
5mm od x 0.8mm x 10 mtrs3/16" od x 22swg3/4"od x18 swg2mtrs x 1mtr x2mm
6mmod x 0.8mm x 10mtr3/ 16" od x 20swg3/4" od x 16swg2.5mtrs x 1.25mtrs x 2mm
6mm od x 0.8mm x 30mtr6mm od x 1mm wall3/4" od x 14 swg2mtrs x 1mtr x2.5mm
6mm od x 1mm x 10mtr1/4" od x 22 swg3/4" od x 12 swg2.5mtrs x 1.25mtr x2.5mm
6mm od x 1mm x 30mtr1/4" od x 20swg3/4" od x10 swg1905mm x1524mm x 2.5mm
6mm od x 1.5mm x 10mtr1/4" od x 18 swg22 mm od x 1mm wall2mtrs x 1mtr x 3mm
1/4"od x 22swg x 10mtr1/4" od x 16 swg22 mm od x2 mm wall2.5mtrs x 1.25mtr x 3mm
1/4"od x 22".vgx 30mtr8mm od x 1mm wall22 mm od x 3mm wall3048mm x 1524mm x 3mm
1/4"od x 20 sing x 30mtr5/16" od x 22 swg7/8"od x 20 swg8ft x 4ft x 3mm
1/4" od x x 30mtr5/16" od x 20swg7/8" od x 18 swg1517mm x 1832mm 3mm
1/4" od x 16swg x 10mtr5/16" od x l8swg7/8" od x 16 swg1905mm x 1524mm x 3mm
1/4" od x 16p.mgx 30mtr5/16" od x 16swg7/8" od x10 swg2500mm x 1250mm x 4mm
5/16" od x 22swg x 10 mtr1Omm od x 0.8mm wall15/16" od x 18swg1740mm x 1633mmx 4mm
5/16"od x 22 swg x 30 mtr10mm od x 1mm wall25mm od x 2mm wall2mtrs x 1mtr x 4mm
5/16"od x 20swgx 10 mtr1Omm od x 1.2mm wall1" od x 20swg1905mm x 1524mm x 4mm
5/16"od x 20swg x 10 mtr1Omm od x 1.5mm wall1" od x l8swg2mts x 1 mtrs x 5mm
5/16" od x20 swg x 30 mtr10mm od x 2mm wall1" od x 16swg2.5mtrs 1.25mm x 5mm
5/16" od x 18 swg x 10 mtr3/8" od x 20swg1" od x 14Swg1905mm x 1524mm x5mm
5/16"od x 18swgx 30 mtr3/8" od x l8swg1" od x 10swg2mtrs x 1mtr x 6mm
5/16"od x 16swgx 10 mtr3/8" od x 16swg28 mm odx 1.2mmwall2.5mtrs x 1.25mtrs x 6mm
5/16"od x 16swgx 30 ma7/16"od x 21 swg28mm odx 1.5mm wall
3mm od x0.8rnm x 10mtr7/16" od x 20swg28mm od x 2 mm wall
3mm od x 0.8mm x 30mtr7/16" od x 18 swg28mm od x 2.5mm wall
8mrn od x 1mm x 10mtr7/16" od x 16swg1.1/8" od x 16swg
3/8" od x 22swgx 10mtr7/16" od x 13 swg11/8" od x 10swg
3/8"od x 22swgx 30mtr12mm od x 0.8mm wall30 mm od x2 mm wall
3/8"od x 20sw g x 10mtr12 mm od x 1mm wall1I/4"od x 16 sing
3/8"od x 20swgx 30mtr12mm od x 1.2mm wall11/4"od x 14 swg
3/8"od x 18swg x 30mtr12mm od x 1.5mm wall1.1/4" od x 10swg
3/8" od x 16swg x 30mtr1/2" od x 20swg13/8" od x 18 swg
10mm od x 0.8mm x 10 mtr1/2" od x l8swg1.3/8" od x 16swg
10mm od x 0.8mm x 30 mtr1/2" od x 16swg35mm od x 0.7mm wall
1Cmm od x Irnm x 10mtr1/2" od x 10swg35 mrnod x 15mm wall
10mm od x Irnm x 30mtr9/16"od x 18 swg35 mm od x2 mm wall
12mm od x 0.8rnm x 10 mtr15 mmodx 1mm wall35 mm od x 3.5mm wall
12mmod x 0.8mm x 30mtr15 mmodx 15mmwall3.3/4" od x 16swg
12mmod x 1mm x 10mtr15 mm od x 2mm wall3.3/4" od x 10swg
1/2" od x 20swgx 10mtr5/8" od x 20swg4" od x 16swg
1/2" od x 20swgx 30 mtr5/8" od x l8swg4" od x 13 swg
1/2" od x 16swgx 10mtr5/8" od x 16swg4" od x 10swg
15mm od x 1mm x 10mtr19mm od x 1.6mm wall4.1/8" od x 16swg
5/8"od x 16swg x 30mtr5/8" od x 14swg103 mm od x 15 mm wall
5/8" od x 10 swg103 mmod x 2mm wall
16mm od x 12mmwall4.3/8" od x 13 swg
11/16" od x 20 swg4.1/2" od x 16swg
17 mm od x 2mm wall4.1/2" od x 13 swg
17 mm od x 3mm wall4.1/2" od x 10swg
18 mm od x 2mm wall113mm od x 1.5mm wall
3/4" od x 20swg4.3/4" od x 13 swg
3/4" od x 18 swg4.3/4" od x 10swg
3/4" od x 16 swg4.3/4" ID x 16 swg