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Copper is a heavily stocked product within our warehouse and we keep it in many different forms.

Tube, round bar, flat bar, sheet & plate are all available from stock and are supplied to companies throughout the heat exchanger industry, railway industry, fluid power industry & many more.

We are renowned throughout the UK as a copper supplier for our competitive prices on tube, sheet & plate and we take pride in the service we give to our customers.






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We stock Copper in the following forms

Flat Barflats
Sheet sheetsheet

Forms Chart Key

roundRound BartubeTubehollowHollowflatsFlat BarhexHexagonsheetSheetplatePlateBox Section

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All About Copper

Copper is one of the most versatile metals known to man and it has been part of our development for thousands of years.

Archaeologists have found copper tube that was used to transport water for the royal bath of Egyptian pharaoh Cheops  and guess what ? it was still in useable condition!

Copper is Aesthetic and has been used in architecture because of its beauty and its ability to be adapted in so many design solutions

Copper is easy to Alloy.  By combining copper with other alloys such as (copper- zinc)= Brass, (copper- tin)=Bronze. Copper can be combined to a multitude of other metals to produce alloys to fit almost any application.

Copper Antimicrobial.   Copper is used in specialised situations such as heating and air-conditioning, food processing and medical industries because pathogens don’t survive on copper surfaces therefore reducing the opportunity of them being transferred by touch.

Copper can be easily shaped.   Copper can be easily shaped which makes it ideal for making into complex shapes for jewellery and brass instruments, it is use quite extensively for roofing and cladding for building.

Copper is second only to silver for thermal conductivity,  and electrical conductivity

Copper reduces electrical thermal energy loss which is why its number one for wire, vehicle radiators , heat sinks , refrigeration units and professional standard saucepans

Copper and its alloys are easily joinable  and though they can be brazed ,welded, soldered, riveted, bolted and even  adhesively bonded, making them ideal for a multitude of uses . Copper alloys reduce cracking and resistant to wear and tear.

Recyclable and Sustainable.    Today around 40% of European demand for copper is met by recycled material.

Using recycled copper saves 80% of the total energy required in mining

Contributing to its environmentally friendliness .  


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