Since our formation in 1983
P+P Non-Ferrous have amassed
a wealth of experience and
knowledge. Over this time we
have consistently achieved and
exceeded our clients’ expectations.


 Profile: Our head office is situated in the West Midlands area, placing
us in the heart of the UK  giving us
coverage of the whole of the UK.
Privately owned by experts in the industry,
consummately professional, boasting an enviable
retention rate, we always put the customer first.
If you only make one call this year, make it to P+P.


Range: We understand how vital a quick solution is to our
customers, which is why we have in excess of £1.5
million of stock always available to deliver on short
lead times. If it’s possible, we will make it happen.
Our stocks include all variations of Bronze, Brass,
Copper, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. You can
be sure whether your needs are large or small, we
will have the materials you require.

P+P have over £1.5 million
worth of stock in our UK locations,
we also have rapid access to another
£10 million from our European
sourcing partners – ensuring your
requirements will be met.

Joining together our
cutting-edge technology with the
finest raw materials, we are proud
of every product we deliver. We are
also ISO 9002 approved, ensuring
the standards we work to.



Quality: With a recent investment of over £120,000 on
machinery, the tolerances we can now achieve
are second to none. The consistent cut will almost
certainly reduce your machining time and costs.
We work long and hard sourcing quality metals
so you don’t have to. All of the stock we supply is
of the highest quality. Our ISO status allows full
traceability of our products.



Knowledge: With a whole range of different metal variants we
understand that it can become confusing. Our
sales team will understand your needs and talk
you through the appropriate options.
Understanding the grade of metal which is best
for your job is second nature to us. Our help and
advice are free with every order, so you can rest
easy knowing that your product is fit for purpose.

Our sales team
have 200+ years of combined
engineering expertise, enabling
a deep knowledge of your order’s
technicalities. If you are unsure on
any specifics we are here to help.