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We are renowned throughout the UK as a copper supplier for our competitive prices on tube, sheet & plate and we take pride in the service we give to our customers. We supply copper to companies throughout the heat exchanger industry, railway industry, fluid power industry & many more.

Copper is one of the most versatile metals known to man and it has been part of our development for thousands of years. Copper is used in building and architecture because of its aesthetic value, in specialised situations such as heating and air-conditioning, food processing, jewellery and brass instruments and medical industries. Copper also reduces electrical thermal energy loss which is why its number one for wire, vehicle radiators, refrigeration units etc.

Copper is easy to alloy. It can be combined to a multitude of other metals to produce alloys to fit almost any application. Copper and its alloys are also easily joinable.

Today around 40% of European demand for copper is met by recycled material. Using recycled copper saves 80% of the total energy required in mining, contributing to its environmentally friendliness.

P+P stock the following grades:

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Copper C101

Copper C103

Copper C106