How are P+P helping the NHS?

How are P+P helping the NHS?

Recent events have spun the world into a spiral of negativity, but here at P+P, we choose to stay positive despite everything and instead of focusing on the grey cloud of COVID-19, we choose to see the silver linings. 

We believe that through something negative, people can be great – go out of their way to help others and perhaps band together stronger than they have before.

We’re proud that this week we were able to contribute to something bigger than just simply running a business. This week we’ve had the chance to support the NHS during a critical time, and it fills our hearts here at P+P to know that we were able to lend a hand in something so significant.

One of our customers came to us with an urgent job: they manufacture medical equipment and devices and most recently they are supplying NHS with critical valves and therefore it required speed, accuracy and quality. These valves are being used specifically to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in London – at St Thomas Hospital.

St Thomas Hospital in Central London

Our amazing warehouse staff worked tirelessly to make sure the job got out the doors within 24 hours. They made sure over 200 pieces of copper and bronze were cut, packaged and shipped – all whilst working with a reduced number of staff. A job such as this would ordinarily take 2-3 days to complete but they managed to smash it out of the park!

We’re so grateful to have staff who will continue to go above and beyond for their company!

Finally, we want to say thank you to our NHS, thank you to all the doctors and nurses fighting every day and those working behind the scenes to support them. We hope we have the chance to do even more hard work over the upcoming months to support those fighting this pandemic.

Just one of the saws that make up our cutting services
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