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Stainless steel is steel with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass. The Chromium forms a tenacious, stable film which has the capability of being ‘self-healing’ if the surface of the material becomes damaged in any way, therefore stainless steel does not rust, corrode easily or stain with water like ordinary steel. Stainless steel products are designed to have a long life – they can usual last for several decades. This long term life tends to be the reason many people choose stainless steel in the first place. And, even when the end of life is reached, this does not mean that the stainless steel is not useful as a recyclable product.

Stainless steel is made up of:
25% old scrap (such as end of life products)
35% new scrap which is returning from production
40% new raw materials added

Stainless steel can be used for Architecture, Transport, Medical use, Pharmecuticals and general domestic use. Some common uses are:

– Handrails, reinforcement bars, cutlery, sinks, exhausts, ship containers, pressure vessels, process piping, subsea pipelines, surgical instruments, MRI scanners, springs and wire.

With our new cutting centre, our ability to cut large quantities of stainless billets on short lead times has made us extremely competitive as a stainless steel suppliers not only on price but also on delivery.

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Stainless Steel 303

Stainless Steel 304

Stainless Steel 316

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